Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Web 2.0 Toolbar: Social Networking and Bookmarking with Kewll, experience … ?

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With the internet advancing with newer Web 2.0 sites everyday, it often becomes necessary to get some tool that would make our life  easier by helping to use these sites faster. Who wouldn’t like to share and bookmark or save his favorite websites in just a click of a button. And who wouldn’t be impressed if it happened effortlessly from within your browser?

Kewll, the latest addition, and in a pretty infant stage, though with over a thousand users, is doing just that.

So get your browsers up and hot. Start running from your favorite sites to another and keep bookmarking. You will love it. And more so because Kewll is not at all like the other toolbars around, not to disrespect them, but it’s a fact! And the users across the globe who are onto Kewll everyday have already realized it.
As you can see in the screenshot here, simply clicking on the green ‘Share’ button opens a ‘Share with Friends’ window. Starting from Facebook, Twitter and Digg to Blogger and a host of other sites, share with just a click. Apart from the services visible, there a lot more when the lovers of Kewll clicks ‘View All’.


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