Saturday, October 09, 2010

Do you want to change your posted location?

How many times have you felt that it would have been nicer had I been in city X or city Y rather than city Z? In case you are curious if there is any other like you, relax. There are plenty of people out there who think the same way. There’s really a very lucky few who got to have posted in the city of their choice. So one thing that you can do is approach the HR of your concern and try to show some valid reason as to why you want to change your posted location. If it happens, well and good. But if it does not?

Don’t worry. There’s another way. In some cases, some IT companies allow you to go to your preferred city in case there’s a candidate in your preferred city who wants to get back to your current city. In simple terms, you replace him there and he replaces you here. Sounds cool? Yes it is. With the huge reader base of this blog, it is going to be possible right here! (Do share this article also, because the more people you bring in here, the luckier you get.) But how do you find that person who is waiting for you right now?

Here’s where this article’s usefulness comes in. Using the form below, Simply post your ‘Preferred City’, your ‘Current City’, your ‘Email ID’ and your ‘Name’. The other person will find you out no doubt and get in touch with you through your email id you provided! It’s as simple as that. Before that, you might take a look whether the other person has already submitted his details by looking at the spreadsheet below the form. Then you can also contact him directly without requiring to submit your own details.
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