Sunday, October 03, 2010

TCS 2010 Batch Community

The place that has connected thousands of TCS candidates all over the country and had helped many more, the 2010 batch community is here. Click here to join. This is the place to chat with other TCS-ers, ask for help regarding anything and more. If there is any need for something, simply discus with the others and go ahead.ist2_9458297-network-people

As with the other news and updates, there are also lot of discussions going on amongst people regarding anything under the sun. So share your heart and soul and mind out and chat ahead with your future colleagues.

In case there is need for some urgent information or study materials, you are as always welcome to return to my blog and keep reading. You might have to search for a little while in my blog as there are lots of articles and not all are related to this organization. For all updates as they happen under one hood, you might like this stuff.


  1. HI all .....can any one give me a info that what is the actual deignation of freshers in ITIS provided by tcs?
    I am actually selected in offcampus on 29th august at kolkata i got my offer letter my designation is "Associate System Engineer Trainee (Grade Y)" i dont know wheather i am selected in IT or in ITIS.
    Thanx in adv [:)]

  2. Even me too selected in same at Bangalore, for your info it is IT

    i'm swati gupta from jec ,jbp.I selected in tcs but due to filling of wrong id by mistake i didn't get my offer letter,plz help me as 2 days are left only to accept my offer letter ,i'm very tensed

  4. Hi
    Orkut Community is nice but if u start a Group or Page in facebook it would be useful much


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