Friday, November 12, 2010

Top popular extensions for Google Chrome

1. Google Chrome Dual View lets you view two pages at the same time. It will split the page into two halves and let you view the articles of both together.
2. Ad Sweep removes forcibly all the ads that are present in the web page that you are visiting. This will help you to view all the web pages free of any ads.
3. XChrome lets you change the theme of your favorite browser with as many kinds of  themes you like. To suit your moods you can choose from a bouquet of themes ready at your fingertips.
4. Cleeki lets you work by helping you out in ways accelerators do in the other top browsers. They help you by letting the users understand a particular word in the page better by selecting and  right clicking on it and in several other ways.
5. PDF Page lets you save the page you are viewing right now as a PDF. This is extremely useful as we all know the benefit of a PDF document in today’s world.


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