Thursday, January 27, 2011

TCS ILP Bhubaneswar - Picture Abhi baki hai mere dost :)

This is a guest post by Debapriya Mukherjee. The views expressed are entirely of the author.

I was never a hero,and after this tragedy I had lost all possible chances to become one. Persons who had passed the exam will have great salary,great luxury,great girlfriend and my dreams were swirling down the waterfalls like the jumping heroes of bollywood who often jump into a waterfalls and get a life again without getting a small cut.

A guy started crying for not passing the exam.He was screaming- "I wont get a project.I dint pass.What should I tell my family?"

He got 48.His marks were almost two times to both our(mine + lost sailor's) combined marks and 4 times to mine.Now I was feeling like kicking him 4 times that too on his face.What a typical person?People struggling for food and he was not happy with his Chicken,he wanted Mutton.

Some more comments were coming.A guy who looked like Netaji got marks like Santa Singh.According to him it was not his fault.His roommate recently got a girlfriend and that girlfriend talks so loud and romantic that it became really tough to concentrate on studies.

"How can you study when someone's girlfriend keep kissing on loudspeaker?"-he was screaming and pointing that lover boy.More than a lover,the boy looked like a dober(man). I got shocked.Even this doberman has a girlfriend.The girl might be either a Savita Bhavi or a Surpanakha-I thought.But the guy got 3 times more than me.

"Arey Arey things happen man .No need to worry.Everything will be OK next time.Look I thought I will get 40 Plus marks, I got 36" - contender number three told.He was there to sprinkle salt on my wound,I knew.Apart from that he sprinkled all his spit.

"Better you leave else I will beat your life out and you can never spit on anybody."- I was thinking.

I went outside and sat on the black sofa.The lost sailor joined me.Even the Netaji also came there.

"Hey don't worry deboprio,There are people who got lesser than you.I had a list.Check it" - a sweet voice came form backside.I turned back.

Two girls were standing.They were not that hot and happening kind of girl.Rather they looked simple and friendly.But XYs will always go for XXX instead of XX.So they remained unnoticed.The voice was from one of them and she was wearing a light green salwar.

"Thanks,but I did really bad"-I said.
"Arey Chalta hai!! I know you prepared well.Next time onwards don't repeat the mistakes"-The light green Salwar told.
"Hmm!"- I nodded.
"Anyway I need to catch the bus.See you tomorrow.Between I am Komal and she is my friend Sakshi" "Ok see you.I am deboprio".
"Arey I know your name.Ok bye.."-She smiled,waved and left for the day.
"Bye"- I said.

It really helps when people have faith on your ability.It helps you to restart.

Choose a friend when you are in trouble.

I was feeling little releived.I was number 9 from the bottom according to the list.First time in my entire life I had done such a bad performance.But thanks to the almighty I was not the last.We went to the guy who got lowest and consoled him.

I came back home and joined the drinking party.I am not a spoilsport from the childhood.I know drinking puts the claustrophobia in claustrophobia.

"Arey Chalta hai!I know you prepared well.Why are you drinking?"-Somebody stold me in a sweetvoice.

I suddenly turned back.There were no body standing.Was that an echo?Why should the verse change if it was an echo?

My brain beeped-"You moron ! have you ever noticed a point?" My mind replied back-"What ???you devil?" "How she knew your name?" - The Drunken devil replied. "I don't have a gray matter like you.I missed it.Anyway Thank you Devil".

I sipped the last two droplets of the last peg.It was already two o'clock and tomorrow morning I need to reach the goddamn office in time.I slowly came down,then I Checked my mobile.There were 10 missed calls from my mother.

People from home were eager to know the test results.I switched my cell off.


Monday, January 24, 2011

TCS ILP Bhubaneswar – Fall of an empire

This is a guest post by Debapriya Mukherjee. The views expressed are entirely of the author.

Somewhere I heard that any Indian is born with a huge amount of debt with world-bank.In IT industry this can be rephrased with "any software company is born with a huge amount of debt with Google and Microsoft". We used to mock on some of our friends who used to take up courses on Microsoft Office package.Those courses seemed to be very low-graded for the B.Techs.But when you step into a company the pictures rotates in a reverse angle.

Somebody truly said even "Microsoft does not utilise Microsoft Office fully in their office works" and luckily that somebody is Mr.Bill Gates. The craziest thing was,the guideline to learn Microsoft office was itself a word document.

Everyday thousands of PPTs are created in the software companies and unluckily half of them are for screwing the trainees like us.We were given a desktop full of those PPTs to study all through the day.In my college days PPTs were the easiest mean to finish the topics quickly,but I was no longer in the college.I really lacked the enthusiasm for studying that long that too without smoking.Global warming may kill all of us after 50years but staying long in a no smoking zone can kill the smokers in 50 minutes.

My cubicle was in the middle of the room hence I could see almost everyone.Everyone was damn serious to finish the syllabus before time.The Yakku came and introduced his assistant.She was our new trainer.If you place an empty wax matchbox on the table and hammer that,the cuboid becomes distorted.Now if you draw two small eyes,a blunt nose and thin lips on the cuboid it becomes her face.After every sentence she spoke she made a strange sound UUNH? asking our acceptance and believe me it reminded me of a famous expression of Tory Lane(Google it alone :P).She knew everything apart from the subject and behaved authoritatively,showing vague seniority.Everyone of us used to curse this duo.

Between I was gaining control over the subjects and the weekend boozing on hostel terrace was strengthening our newly formed backbenchers group.

A single boy with little understanding of subjects is a deadly combo.During my invigilation I started helping others,where as the Pundits were silent.It helped me to gain the friendship with some girls.However,happiness is not everlasting.For me it lasted 10 days,because Yakku and his distorted matchbox came with the exam schedule.The big day was about to come after 5 ordinary days.

We had to score 50% to pass the exam.The bottom 10 will be in danger.

Dreams bided Goodbye,nightmares wished Hello.Persons who had more suggestions started locking their doors.The contenders were busier than our Prime minister.

The big day came.An online moodle test of an hour consisting 40 questions was going to decide our future.I and my partner were both confident,but parallely I was feeling a little tensed.The rules were all known to me so I directly jumped into the question to save my time.

Half an hour passed stably.I was answering pretty well. At least I wont come in bottom ten- I thought.Time was moving very fast.The exam went well.Yakku asked us to submit."The company is mine.I passed through this hurdle easily"- I was thinking.But,There is a very thin line between confidence and over confidence.Those who can see the line go to the top,and those who can't writes blog like me.

"If you revise and select an answer you need to save without submit the page,the previous answers are not saved.else the answers will be randomly selected and each answer will score in negative." This statement was somewhere written in the rules,but I had already skipped them.I had made a bad choice of saving time and loosing marks.

I dint know.I had already submitted.The MouseClick class did its job perfectly.It called the Action event and that had fetched the perfectly calculated value stored from the database via the Request and response objects,which flashed my score of a terribly imperfect exam mislead by overconfidence.

12.08% it was showing in the marks column and everything went black.

I failed miserably.I ruined my first exam along with the hope of a stable future.90% of the associates got more than me..I was standing in the last row.The only hope was I was not alone.The lost sailor got 14.06%. We got three other guys with a similar fate.The Paandavas had lost the first phase of the Corporate Kurukshetra.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

TCS ILP Bhubaneswar – Cracking the Code!

This is a guest post by Debapriya Mukherjee. The views expressed are entirely of the author.

The ciggerate was unable to ease the pain,the phobia was clustering.The questions started haunting me- Will I be sent back to home?Wont I get a chance to work in this company?.I went inside the room.Opened my laptop.I had got some of the study materials.We had to study a typical language Dr.Scheme developed by the professors of MIT. Now what the heck!!who developed who is studying.The Da Vinci Code seemed to be broken easily in front of that impenetrable syntax of that Language.It was almost like Chinese to me.C/C++/Java still bore some meaning,but what was that?.I had never written a code more than 10 lines in my entire Engineering career,that too before my campus interviews.How could I learn this Chinese in 7 days.

The studious guy was giving a sarcastic smile to me and I was feeling like thrashing his laptop in the wall. Suddenly he said "May I help you?" . I felt like Shree Krishna supplying saree to Draupadi in front of that digital DushmyaShana.He explained me few of the techniques and the Chinese became Hindi for me.After an hour the language became quite readable for me.

I learnt a new lesson."Never pretend".

The other guy was not there in the room.He went to some other room (probably for collecting sample questions). It was his time to get tensed because I took up a little pace.But when he returned I went pale.He came back with a notebook full of scribbled code.

Now it was the lesson number two for me in the same night. "Necessity+Tenacity>>>>>Resources"

I was thinking -"If I would have studied in my 4 years of BTECH,I could be the hero today". I had a dream that night,I was teaching hacking with Dr.Scheme to plenty of girls flocking me in my own secret research lab.Suddenly Ramdev Baba appeared in that lab saying OM OM OM OM.

It was already morning and that typical sound was echoing from the next room.

Now its time to introduce Master number 2 aka the competitor of my studious room-mate.This guy had nothing but a skeleton in his body,a spectacle on the eye of the skeleton,a terrific skull,a problematic stomach,and a hazardous(for his room-mates) habit of growling OM OM OM during his morning Pranayam.

He had a theory of "Early to bed Early to Rise, I will switch off the lights coz I am most Wise.".

His room-mates were unable to protest because he was the "Get a query,set a resolution,be on top" type guy. Anyway he was nothing more than an alarm for me,because I already had Studious number one in my room. I went downstairs to see the scenario.The lost sailor of last night stated his miserable condition.He was also able to manage the syntax of the language with the help of a guy next room.I discovered Contender number 3.

Now the contender number three was the most irritating guy one can ever imagine.He not only had a vocal disorder to sprinkle spit all over the listeners mouth but also had a super bad habit of cracking too lame jokes. I could imagine the condition of the lost sailor number two while having the lectures from Contender number three.

We decided to fight the battle together.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

TCS ILP Bhubaneswar - Survival of the Weakest

This is a guest post by Debapriya Mukherjee. The views expressed are entirely of the author.

There was a famous tv serial Chandrakanta telecasted every Sunday morning in DD1.The villain in that serial was more famous than the serial itself.

Now everyone was well aware of Krur Singh's brutality, how could we expect some mercy from his twin brother? He was a total mismatch with the environment in the company.His presence was weird like "a crocodile wearing swimming costume".He introduced himself as our instructor and started stating the rules and timings of our training,and the importance of abiding by those rules. It is really hard to control your yawning.It comes from inside.We were feeling sleepy.Suddenly that instructor growled "Hey you!why are you sleeping?".Our drowsiness was gone."LADIES FIRST".A girl was already sleeping. She was warned by that Yakku the second. We were distributed a temporary smart card and were sent for an half an hour break. If the turn ons were: free coffee, auto-flush and automatic boot polish,campus ,the turn offs list were huge.That Krur Singh ,non-smoking zone were the first two in that list. Relieved I ran out of that room.

The ciggerate shop was too far.The punctuality was a big parameter.I had to choose between ciggerate and breakfast.But my last five years habit forced me to choose the former.

I had bunked uncountable classes because of this habit.There was a little shop beside our college premises.Boudir Dukaan (Bhabi ki dukaan).That was our gathering spot for tea and ciggerate.The place could be easily banned by Pollution control board of India.It contributed a heavy percentage of the hazardous monoxides and di-oxides then.

But this corporate was not Bhawi ki Dukaan.I need to run. The neck-tie,the locked sleeves were frying me.The only time I will get rid of this,when I will pass the training. Somehow I managed to reach in time.The corporate structures,leave structures,administration all were explained.We were pretty well feeling corporate. However the hermit was waiting to turn the tiger into mouse again.

We were given our schedule,a really tough one.Now this was not all like the college.Nobody will like to loose his .7k a day.The competitions will be tougher,I could find peoples with strong academics, I was feeling like a toddler in the world of fathers.

"There will be two exams in a gap of 14 days each.The passing percentage is very low this year.Who fails to score over 50% will be given two chances.If you miss the chances you may try next year.Persons will be there to guide you.but you have to study all of your own.You can use the libraries.You will be given computers.This is not your college.So be serious,have a good time,All the best". The program co-ordinator announced the battle.

I was already feeling a huge pressure.Many of us were there who had already finished half of the course.They will obviously perform well.Survival of the fittest was on.

Now the studious guys,who used to remain silent in fear of being beaten any time by our college-gang started behaving like gangsters,and guys like me were sitting frightened like the frequently raped sisters of bollywood heroes.

The bank formalities were done.The bullshit bus came playing Odhiya music all the way.Exhausted I came back at night.

The neck-tie was suffocating me.I threw it away,again I collected it back.

I went to have food downstairs.I was already late in the start of race.The roars of the studious tigers started.I finished a ciggerate standing in the balcony beside the first floor verandah.I was unable to set the starting point.Big waves,small boat and I was without a compass in the midst of the sea.

"Deboprio,may I have a ciggerate?"

I turned to him.Another lost sailor in the sea.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

TCS ILP Bhubaneswar – There were sensors everywhere!

This is a guest post by Debapriya Mukherjee. The views expressed are entirely of the author.

We stepped into the premises.The securities asked us to form a queue.It was the time for baggage check.
First time in my life I felt the improper purpose of my backpack,because previously my bag was used for smuggling full,half and quarter bottles into our private hostel.The landlord was mystified to see why everyone used the same backpack for shopping.

Almost all the boys were generating a negative bag-scan report.The desk beside the kiosk turned into a ciggerate shop within few seconds.However the main surprise was yet to come.BEEP!!!! the scanner showed some unknown shadow in the silhouette.It was a puncher/jaw-breaker.It was discovered from one of our guy's backpack.Now that wasn't a shocking thing for our students,because of the frequent brawls in our college.All guys were quite accustomed with that thing.But securities were sent to Earth to stop brawls,so a new brawl was about to take place.We were no longer in college.

"Self - Protection " the effective phrase,some convincing train robbery story of Bihar-trains saved the guy from the catastrophe.We forced him to throw that thing away forever.Later the boy said that he had never boarded a train to Bihar.He thanked the robbers who unknowingly saved his job.

We entered the main building.I had never been to any corporate office before.I was feeling excited.We were escorted to a conference room.The LED display outside the conference room was showing the booked status.But the chocolate and caramel were inside the cadbury five star. We had the first bite.It was the best room I had ever seen in my life.The room was like the secret agency conference room of James Bond movie.Lights were with sensors,touchpad switchboard,there was gadgets everywhere.Only the sexy ladies of the James Bond movies were missing.

The induction meeting was about to begin.I decided to visit the toilet.A common problem with me. All abstract things like grief,joy,tension,excitement comes out of human body in the physical form of liquid .Like grief takes the form of tears,here suppressed tension took the form of another liquid that led me to the toilet.

Auto-flush!!! is the greatest advancement of technology.There were sensors everywhere.But the greatest sensor is in the human mind.It alarmed me that "If you commit a single mistake here you will be flushed out of this heaven".My mind voted my old college bathroom.There were no auto-flush,the flushing porcelin boxes of each latrine were converted into secret chambers where we used to keep our cheats and micro-xeroxes during our semester exams,and the backside of each latrine door were the index of chapters.The toilets were converted into books while semesters.Now that was engineering excellence.

I came back.The conference was about to start,but the room looked entirely different.There were some unknown faces in the room and luckily they dint belong to our boys community.My scanner generated a quick review report.

The door opened,and somebody switched the mute button on.

Monday, January 10, 2011

TCS ILP Bhubaneswar – The Pastel Picture

This is a guest post by Debapriya Mukherjee. The views expressed are entirely of the author.

We were 21 guys,wearing top to bottom formals.I was sitting in the left window seat in the last row of the company-bus.I closed my eyes. I was able to see a picture drawn with pastel color,a picture 4 and half years old.50 guys wearing blue striped white shirt,navy blue trouser,and navy blue tie boarding a yellow bus.The bus was going to Institute of Technology,Kolkata for the first time for its 2005-2009 batch. I was the last one to board and I got the last seat.It was the same left window seat.I was having a mixed feelings of excitement,nervousness and fear. First time out of home,that too for 4 years,I was highly excited.No restriction,I can live my life freely.No one in my neighborhood can spot me smoking. No one can complain if I sing loudly in bathroom.Most of all no-one is going to monitor I am studying or not,I need not hide my Pornbooks. I can recreate my own slots of studying.

8 years,I studied in a Bengali medium school,hence talking in English,that too in front of the street smart Kolkata chicks would be a big challenge.The whole course will be in English.Somehow I have to manage.It is really an extra struggle for a guy who had not studied in an English medium school.The Bengali medium badly screws your smartness.I was really nervous.

While in school,we have written plenty of essays on the topic ragging.We have used many examples,many analogies like "gangrape of humanity" to describe ragging.I was able to portray a junior school guy writing a Ragging essay.I spotted my name as a ragging victim in the example part.I hate newspapers,if a guy have a cut in his hand they will frame it as hand cut,they doubles your fear.

It took 20 minutes to reach the college.We had two separate buildings for the first years and the seniors.This design was to protect the lambs from the tigers,but according to the formality lambs can have a look into the tigers den.Hence we were taken to the main building first. The bus entered the premises,It was a tiger-mela.The guy who have the record "Most irregular boy of the class" he can be spotted in the first row now.All seniors were wearing coloring dress,so that they can spot their would be servants.We were nothing but entertaining material.Everybody was measuring us.The fear-meter was showing a high reading.Some of our batch-mates came with their family.They dint know that they were annoying the seniors.One day if they are spotted alone they are gone,long gone.

We entered a huge conference room ushered by a faculty.The room was surrounded by glass walls.The teachers entered into the room.They started giving some boring speeches,but nobody was paying attention because everybody was looking the seniors waiting outside the glass-walls.I was sitting in the last row,I thought that was the safest place.But the difference between truth and assumption is huge.

After an hour the 4th year guys entered into the room and asked the teachers to leave.It was a kind of college where teachers never messed with seniors.The college had a history behind that.Once the seniors saved the college,from the hand of land and development department of the Government.From then it was an unspoken rule. We have read the story of David and Goliath,but it was the story of Davids and Goliaths. One of the Goliath stood up on the dias and started stating the rules,suddenly he spotted that nobody was noting it down.So he started it again,the rule one was: "The seniors are like Prophets,so whenever he speaks something important,the followers should write it down,not only in the mind but also in the copy,those who will obey the gospels will be given quarters in heaven,and those who disobey will be sent to the dormitory of hell" His tone was thundering the whole class.We already started fearing. "no half sleeve shirts are allowed,those who will wear a half sleeve shirt,should be forced to wear a half-pant from the next day,he should carry a school water bottle and a baby backpack in his shoulder.".The gym goers who were exposing their biceps wearing half sleeve shirts,even the ladies were fused like a leaked balloon. "who will laugh on a senior will be requested to wipe his laugh on the blackboard,his face will be the duster,and the sentence I laughed on a senior will be written on the blackboard.He should wipe that with his face".Suddenly a guy was spotted smiling silently and he was forced to give us a demo.The boy came back with a white face,full of chalk powder. "Anyone caught with his shirt tucked in,will be asked to tuck in their trouser in their socks".Boys started to tuck-out their shirts.

"The rule is not applicable for transgenders".Now the girls went red.Another Goliath did a hi-5 with that demon.

"No watches,cellphones,calculators,accessories.A guy caught with any of them will be given special reception by us".Everyone started removing their watches and switching off their cellphones. Suddenly a group of seniors plunged into the room and the others left the dias and went to the corner.One of them announced "Enough of theories,people actually learn by practicals,The introduction will start from the last row.".Now I was gone."oye Chashma,tu chalu kar" he stated.My throat was almost dry,my voice choked.He said "There is one small rule for the intro,You need to stand-up on the high desk and speak with your ass".Now what the hell was that,Gosh!!.A class full of girls.I was about to break into tears."u need to turn back and shake your ass while giving the intro in the rhythm you speak"-one of them shouted. Atleast the others wont see my face.I stood up and did the task.The journey of becoming shameless started.I was asked to come in front.The senior hugged me.He said "smart guy!".Now I was watching others from the dias.One guy started crying and he was given a local anashthasia in his left cheek for his "unsmartness and inflexilibilty".Now it was the turn of a girl.All the boys glanced there.The lady was about to blast in tears,suddenly a senior guy and his lady entered into the room and announced "Girls you need not".All the seniors,even the first years turned angry,why not?Everyone thought"the girls enjoyed our ragging,now they are being protected".But suddenly the senior grinned and said "Manjula is coming to take care of girls".Now the other seniors stood dumb.Even their face were reflecting the fact that something is going to happen with the girls.

Suddenly the bus stopped.We were in-front of our office,the place was like digitized heaven.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

TCS ILP Bhubaneswar – From station to Kalinga Park

This is a guest post by Debapriya Mukherjee. The views expressed are entirely of the author.

I saw the station name,after Hindi and English there were some 6 Jalebis (odhiya scripts) drawn on the board.I observed the advertising boards.There were Jalebis everywhere.

Hope the peoples are not the same,sweet but complex.The autowala was speaking some dangerously distorted version of Bengali(for an Odhiya Bengali will mean the same).After a healthy bargaining he agreed in 150rs.I boarded an auto with my cumbersome trolley.The air-shot was already fired in the race of struggling,the only difference was the shooter used a silencer in his gun. The saga continued,I was the last person to enter the residency alloted to us.My college-mates had already occupied the nice rooms,the smallest room was left for us.I liked the room.It was a room with three beds.My calculation told that anyway you place the beds,the room will look equally small.Hence,I consoled my mind.

One of my room-mate was a boy from my college,kind of jealous-studious type of guy.The other one was also from my college.He looked like an aged Nepali.He was looking very tensed because somehow he came to know,he can't pass the EC exams without notes and laptops.Unfortunately,he din't have any of the two.

There were some guys who joined the training before us.One of them was my hostel-mate and a "never smoke never booze" kind of guy.He had a very good reputation for his "whatever food is left in Kitchen that's mine" type attitude.But I found him slim and trimmed here.I was feeling the pressure.Those guys came and started explaining the rules.The rules to secure our future,the rules to cross the hurdle of the first exam.Only five associates had passed in the last exam from the whole batch.The bottom 2% will be given two chances,and if you miss those chances you may book a return ticket. We had our dinner in a nearby hotel.The food was so tasty to eat,so we almost dumped it into the waste pot.I was missing my maggi,the only cooking pride for maximum bachelor.

That night I had a dream.I was selling tea in the station,my friends were coming to my stall to have some tea.Suddenly the pink-top girl came with a Herbert Schildt book in her hand.I adviced her to read Ivor Horton.She got shocked thinking how a tea stall guy can know about Java? Even I started coding to design a tea-stall management system.Suddnely I saw my mother coming towards me with a stick in my hand,saying "That is why I asked you to study..",and I closed the stall and boarded the train for Kolkata.The train whistled,it was a different sound,like some "Ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti..."

I woke up,the watch us indicating 5 am.The studious guy was almost ready and chanting something with his eyes fixed on the laptop.Over-pressurized jerks. The nepali faced guy was still snoring badly.His condition reminded me of hopeless Robinson Crusoe in the island.

I found the water chilling cold.Somehow I managed bathing.What more I need to do for some money? I realized one more time that money is the only thing for which we forcefully do the tasks that we hate the most.The formal dress with a tie was one of them.

I simply don't know the functionality of a tie and its knots.Its like sophisticated and portable gallows pole.It was hot outside,still we had to wear it.

Photosessions were going on.Everyone was taking snaps of each other.Probably they were capturing "The last moment with a natural smile". The bus came,like our last night's food the bus was also a bullshit.

We started for Kalinga park.

Monday, January 03, 2011

The girl next row … :x

This is a guest post by Debapriya Mukherjee. The views expressed are entirely of the author.

The train started 20 minutes after the scheduled time.Delay in train schedule is a very common thing in Bengal.So if a train comes in correct time,there remains a possibility of missing the train.Reluctant Bengalees. The only case where the train may come in time,if it comes 24 hours late.

Anyway I was not feeling bad.It was like an adventurous trip for me.I had spent 4 long years in private hostels of Kolkata,so staying outside of home was not a very big deal for me.The only thing that I had gained staying in home was 33.33 gram fat per day that added some 6 more kilos to my body.

If I summarize Bhubaneshwar it will be like: Temples + Tier3 + Very less pubs + no malls, I had already figured it out that the city wont be charming.The only interest was the new life that I was going to begin,my first month's salary and a probability to impress a new female colleague.

A lady in a pink top and denim blue jeans was sitting with her family.They were in my next row after the aisle.She was reading an English novel by some author.I felt lucky,even the quinquagenarian uncles were also staring at her.The only person who was suffering was her father.He was the common enemy for all the young bachelors sitting there.A lucky guy sitting next to him was trying to impress his son(actually daughter) offering his mobile, but can't progress more because the little guy was far smarter than him. A Nokia 1200 was not sufficient for him.I looked at my N96,it had N-gage 3D games but of no use now.

I was in the wrong frame of reference.

Now after sometime calls started coming from my home,It was no longer 40 minutes ,everyone started missing me. Why doesn't God sent us with pre-activated GPS systems that can be manipulated by us?I would have fixed my positions to college library,classroom and study-room.

But that was good for me because my famous Donald duck ring-tone attracted that hideous kinky,though the rest of the compartment was equally disturbed.It was successful to wake up his mother who was sleeping from the moment the train had blown the first whistle.But Pink-top was still busy with her novel,not even looking at anyone.Now I was cursing the author of that novel.I put a romantic instrumental ring-tone but the incoming calls stopped coming.Now I was missing the callers.

It is very painful for a smoker to travel in an AC chair car,Because you couldn't sleep and you feel the urge of smoking.I remember once we had a smoke in Rajdhani express.It is very easy to smoke in train because with an impeccable security everybody assumes that nobody will smoke,but where there is a toilet there is a way.Sometime Rajdhani may have a smoke-detector in the toilet , so we changed the theory - Where there is a door there is a way.

Both me and my friend obtained the same theory again,and for your information it worked fine.This whole process got repeated in every hour.

Night at 9-o-clock the train reached Bhubaneshwar,when I was about to get down I noticed the lady was reading a book by Dale Carnegie which was too old for her age and enough boring to get her asleep.Actually she took her mothers way,possibly she had slept more than her mother,the whole long 6 hours.I understood that when her father pushed her awake from her sound sleep.What a posture of sleeping? Girls can do many thing that a boy can't even imagine.It was just a small sample. I gained some confidence.I was not ignored.