Thursday, January 20, 2011

TCS ILP Bhubaneswar – Cracking the Code!

This is a guest post by Debapriya Mukherjee. The views expressed are entirely of the author.

The ciggerate was unable to ease the pain,the phobia was clustering.The questions started haunting me- Will I be sent back to home?Wont I get a chance to work in this company?.I went inside the room.Opened my laptop.I had got some of the study materials.We had to study a typical language Dr.Scheme developed by the professors of MIT. Now what the heck!!who developed who is studying.The Da Vinci Code seemed to be broken easily in front of that impenetrable syntax of that Language.It was almost like Chinese to me.C/C++/Java still bore some meaning,but what was that?.I had never written a code more than 10 lines in my entire Engineering career,that too before my campus interviews.How could I learn this Chinese in 7 days.

The studious guy was giving a sarcastic smile to me and I was feeling like thrashing his laptop in the wall. Suddenly he said "May I help you?" . I felt like Shree Krishna supplying saree to Draupadi in front of that digital DushmyaShana.He explained me few of the techniques and the Chinese became Hindi for me.After an hour the language became quite readable for me.

I learnt a new lesson."Never pretend".

The other guy was not there in the room.He went to some other room (probably for collecting sample questions). It was his time to get tensed because I took up a little pace.But when he returned I went pale.He came back with a notebook full of scribbled code.

Now it was the lesson number two for me in the same night. "Necessity+Tenacity>>>>>Resources"

I was thinking -"If I would have studied in my 4 years of BTECH,I could be the hero today". I had a dream that night,I was teaching hacking with Dr.Scheme to plenty of girls flocking me in my own secret research lab.Suddenly Ramdev Baba appeared in that lab saying OM OM OM OM.

It was already morning and that typical sound was echoing from the next room.

Now its time to introduce Master number 2 aka the competitor of my studious room-mate.This guy had nothing but a skeleton in his body,a spectacle on the eye of the skeleton,a terrific skull,a problematic stomach,and a hazardous(for his room-mates) habit of growling OM OM OM during his morning Pranayam.

He had a theory of "Early to bed Early to Rise, I will switch off the lights coz I am most Wise.".

His room-mates were unable to protest because he was the "Get a query,set a resolution,be on top" type guy. Anyway he was nothing more than an alarm for me,because I already had Studious number one in my room. I went downstairs to see the scenario.The lost sailor of last night stated his miserable condition.He was also able to manage the syntax of the language with the help of a guy next room.I discovered Contender number 3.

Now the contender number three was the most irritating guy one can ever imagine.He not only had a vocal disorder to sprinkle spit all over the listeners mouth but also had a super bad habit of cracking too lame jokes. I could imagine the condition of the lost sailor number two while having the lectures from Contender number three.

We decided to fight the battle together.


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