Monday, January 24, 2011

TCS ILP Bhubaneswar – Fall of an empire

This is a guest post by Debapriya Mukherjee. The views expressed are entirely of the author.

Somewhere I heard that any Indian is born with a huge amount of debt with world-bank.In IT industry this can be rephrased with "any software company is born with a huge amount of debt with Google and Microsoft". We used to mock on some of our friends who used to take up courses on Microsoft Office package.Those courses seemed to be very low-graded for the B.Techs.But when you step into a company the pictures rotates in a reverse angle.

Somebody truly said even "Microsoft does not utilise Microsoft Office fully in their office works" and luckily that somebody is Mr.Bill Gates. The craziest thing was,the guideline to learn Microsoft office was itself a word document.

Everyday thousands of PPTs are created in the software companies and unluckily half of them are for screwing the trainees like us.We were given a desktop full of those PPTs to study all through the day.In my college days PPTs were the easiest mean to finish the topics quickly,but I was no longer in the college.I really lacked the enthusiasm for studying that long that too without smoking.Global warming may kill all of us after 50years but staying long in a no smoking zone can kill the smokers in 50 minutes.

My cubicle was in the middle of the room hence I could see almost everyone.Everyone was damn serious to finish the syllabus before time.The Yakku came and introduced his assistant.She was our new trainer.If you place an empty wax matchbox on the table and hammer that,the cuboid becomes distorted.Now if you draw two small eyes,a blunt nose and thin lips on the cuboid it becomes her face.After every sentence she spoke she made a strange sound UUNH? asking our acceptance and believe me it reminded me of a famous expression of Tory Lane(Google it alone :P).She knew everything apart from the subject and behaved authoritatively,showing vague seniority.Everyone of us used to curse this duo.

Between I was gaining control over the subjects and the weekend boozing on hostel terrace was strengthening our newly formed backbenchers group.

A single boy with little understanding of subjects is a deadly combo.During my invigilation I started helping others,where as the Pundits were silent.It helped me to gain the friendship with some girls.However,happiness is not everlasting.For me it lasted 10 days,because Yakku and his distorted matchbox came with the exam schedule.The big day was about to come after 5 ordinary days.

We had to score 50% to pass the exam.The bottom 10 will be in danger.

Dreams bided Goodbye,nightmares wished Hello.Persons who had more suggestions started locking their doors.The contenders were busier than our Prime minister.

The big day came.An online moodle test of an hour consisting 40 questions was going to decide our future.I and my partner were both confident,but parallely I was feeling a little tensed.The rules were all known to me so I directly jumped into the question to save my time.

Half an hour passed stably.I was answering pretty well. At least I wont come in bottom ten- I thought.Time was moving very fast.The exam went well.Yakku asked us to submit."The company is mine.I passed through this hurdle easily"- I was thinking.But,There is a very thin line between confidence and over confidence.Those who can see the line go to the top,and those who can't writes blog like me.

"If you revise and select an answer you need to save without submit the page,the previous answers are not saved.else the answers will be randomly selected and each answer will score in negative." This statement was somewhere written in the rules,but I had already skipped them.I had made a bad choice of saving time and loosing marks.

I dint know.I had already submitted.The MouseClick class did its job perfectly.It called the Action event and that had fetched the perfectly calculated value stored from the database via the Request and response objects,which flashed my score of a terribly imperfect exam mislead by overconfidence.

12.08% it was showing in the marks column and everything went black.

I failed miserably.I ruined my first exam along with the hope of a stable future.90% of the associates got more than me..I was standing in the last row.The only hope was I was not alone.The lost sailor got 14.06%. We got three other guys with a similar fate.The Paandavas had lost the first phase of the Corporate Kurukshetra.


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