Thursday, January 27, 2011

TCS ILP Bhubaneswar - Picture Abhi baki hai mere dost :)

This is a guest post by Debapriya Mukherjee. The views expressed are entirely of the author.

I was never a hero,and after this tragedy I had lost all possible chances to become one. Persons who had passed the exam will have great salary,great luxury,great girlfriend and my dreams were swirling down the waterfalls like the jumping heroes of bollywood who often jump into a waterfalls and get a life again without getting a small cut.

A guy started crying for not passing the exam.He was screaming- "I wont get a project.I dint pass.What should I tell my family?"

He got 48.His marks were almost two times to both our(mine + lost sailor's) combined marks and 4 times to mine.Now I was feeling like kicking him 4 times that too on his face.What a typical person?People struggling for food and he was not happy with his Chicken,he wanted Mutton.

Some more comments were coming.A guy who looked like Netaji got marks like Santa Singh.According to him it was not his fault.His roommate recently got a girlfriend and that girlfriend talks so loud and romantic that it became really tough to concentrate on studies.

"How can you study when someone's girlfriend keep kissing on loudspeaker?"-he was screaming and pointing that lover boy.More than a lover,the boy looked like a dober(man). I got shocked.Even this doberman has a girlfriend.The girl might be either a Savita Bhavi or a Surpanakha-I thought.But the guy got 3 times more than me.

"Arey Arey things happen man .No need to worry.Everything will be OK next time.Look I thought I will get 40 Plus marks, I got 36" - contender number three told.He was there to sprinkle salt on my wound,I knew.Apart from that he sprinkled all his spit.

"Better you leave else I will beat your life out and you can never spit on anybody."- I was thinking.

I went outside and sat on the black sofa.The lost sailor joined me.Even the Netaji also came there.

"Hey don't worry deboprio,There are people who got lesser than you.I had a list.Check it" - a sweet voice came form backside.I turned back.

Two girls were standing.They were not that hot and happening kind of girl.Rather they looked simple and friendly.But XYs will always go for XXX instead of XX.So they remained unnoticed.The voice was from one of them and she was wearing a light green salwar.

"Thanks,but I did really bad"-I said.
"Arey Chalta hai!! I know you prepared well.Next time onwards don't repeat the mistakes"-The light green Salwar told.
"Hmm!"- I nodded.
"Anyway I need to catch the bus.See you tomorrow.Between I am Komal and she is my friend Sakshi" "Ok see you.I am deboprio".
"Arey I know your name.Ok bye.."-She smiled,waved and left for the day.
"Bye"- I said.

It really helps when people have faith on your ability.It helps you to restart.

Choose a friend when you are in trouble.

I was feeling little releived.I was number 9 from the bottom according to the list.First time in my entire life I had done such a bad performance.But thanks to the almighty I was not the last.We went to the guy who got lowest and consoled him.

I came back home and joined the drinking party.I am not a spoilsport from the childhood.I know drinking puts the claustrophobia in claustrophobia.

"Arey Chalta hai!I know you prepared well.Why are you drinking?"-Somebody stold me in a sweetvoice.

I suddenly turned back.There were no body standing.Was that an echo?Why should the verse change if it was an echo?

My brain beeped-"You moron ! have you ever noticed a point?" My mind replied back-"What ???you devil?" "How she knew your name?" - The Drunken devil replied. "I don't have a gray matter like you.I missed it.Anyway Thank you Devil".

I sipped the last two droplets of the last peg.It was already two o'clock and tomorrow morning I need to reach the goddamn office in time.I slowly came down,then I Checked my mobile.There were 10 missed calls from my mother.

People from home were eager to know the test results.I switched my cell off.



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