Sunday, January 16, 2011

TCS ILP Bhubaneswar - Survival of the Weakest

This is a guest post by Debapriya Mukherjee. The views expressed are entirely of the author.

There was a famous tv serial Chandrakanta telecasted every Sunday morning in DD1.The villain in that serial was more famous than the serial itself.

Now everyone was well aware of Krur Singh's brutality, how could we expect some mercy from his twin brother? He was a total mismatch with the environment in the company.His presence was weird like "a crocodile wearing swimming costume".He introduced himself as our instructor and started stating the rules and timings of our training,and the importance of abiding by those rules. It is really hard to control your yawning.It comes from inside.We were feeling sleepy.Suddenly that instructor growled "Hey you!why are you sleeping?".Our drowsiness was gone."LADIES FIRST".A girl was already sleeping. She was warned by that Yakku the second. We were distributed a temporary smart card and were sent for an half an hour break. If the turn ons were: free coffee, auto-flush and automatic boot polish,campus ,the turn offs list were huge.That Krur Singh ,non-smoking zone were the first two in that list. Relieved I ran out of that room.

The ciggerate shop was too far.The punctuality was a big parameter.I had to choose between ciggerate and breakfast.But my last five years habit forced me to choose the former.

I had bunked uncountable classes because of this habit.There was a little shop beside our college premises.Boudir Dukaan (Bhabi ki dukaan).That was our gathering spot for tea and ciggerate.The place could be easily banned by Pollution control board of India.It contributed a heavy percentage of the hazardous monoxides and di-oxides then.

But this corporate was not Bhawi ki Dukaan.I need to run. The neck-tie,the locked sleeves were frying me.The only time I will get rid of this,when I will pass the training. Somehow I managed to reach in time.The corporate structures,leave structures,administration all were explained.We were pretty well feeling corporate. However the hermit was waiting to turn the tiger into mouse again.

We were given our schedule,a really tough one.Now this was not all like the college.Nobody will like to loose his .7k a day.The competitions will be tougher,I could find peoples with strong academics, I was feeling like a toddler in the world of fathers.

"There will be two exams in a gap of 14 days each.The passing percentage is very low this year.Who fails to score over 50% will be given two chances.If you miss the chances you may try next year.Persons will be there to guide you.but you have to study all of your own.You can use the libraries.You will be given computers.This is not your college.So be serious,have a good time,All the best". The program co-ordinator announced the battle.

I was already feeling a huge pressure.Many of us were there who had already finished half of the course.They will obviously perform well.Survival of the fittest was on.

Now the studious guys,who used to remain silent in fear of being beaten any time by our college-gang started behaving like gangsters,and guys like me were sitting frightened like the frequently raped sisters of bollywood heroes.

The bank formalities were done.The bullshit bus came playing Odhiya music all the way.Exhausted I came back at night.

The neck-tie was suffocating me.I threw it away,again I collected it back.

I went to have food downstairs.I was already late in the start of race.The roars of the studious tigers started.I finished a ciggerate standing in the balcony beside the first floor verandah.I was unable to set the starting point.Big waves,small boat and I was without a compass in the midst of the sea.

"Deboprio,may I have a ciggerate?"

I turned to him.Another lost sailor in the sea.


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