Thursday, January 13, 2011

TCS ILP Bhubaneswar – There were sensors everywhere!

This is a guest post by Debapriya Mukherjee. The views expressed are entirely of the author.

We stepped into the premises.The securities asked us to form a queue.It was the time for baggage check.
First time in my life I felt the improper purpose of my backpack,because previously my bag was used for smuggling full,half and quarter bottles into our private hostel.The landlord was mystified to see why everyone used the same backpack for shopping.

Almost all the boys were generating a negative bag-scan report.The desk beside the kiosk turned into a ciggerate shop within few seconds.However the main surprise was yet to come.BEEP!!!! the scanner showed some unknown shadow in the silhouette.It was a puncher/jaw-breaker.It was discovered from one of our guy's backpack.Now that wasn't a shocking thing for our students,because of the frequent brawls in our college.All guys were quite accustomed with that thing.But securities were sent to Earth to stop brawls,so a new brawl was about to take place.We were no longer in college.

"Self - Protection " the effective phrase,some convincing train robbery story of Bihar-trains saved the guy from the catastrophe.We forced him to throw that thing away forever.Later the boy said that he had never boarded a train to Bihar.He thanked the robbers who unknowingly saved his job.

We entered the main building.I had never been to any corporate office before.I was feeling excited.We were escorted to a conference room.The LED display outside the conference room was showing the booked status.But the chocolate and caramel were inside the cadbury five star. We had the first bite.It was the best room I had ever seen in my life.The room was like the secret agency conference room of James Bond movie.Lights were with sensors,touchpad switchboard,there was gadgets everywhere.Only the sexy ladies of the James Bond movies were missing.

The induction meeting was about to begin.I decided to visit the toilet.A common problem with me. All abstract things like grief,joy,tension,excitement comes out of human body in the physical form of liquid .Like grief takes the form of tears,here suppressed tension took the form of another liquid that led me to the toilet.

Auto-flush!!! is the greatest advancement of technology.There were sensors everywhere.But the greatest sensor is in the human mind.It alarmed me that "If you commit a single mistake here you will be flushed out of this heaven".My mind voted my old college bathroom.There were no auto-flush,the flushing porcelin boxes of each latrine were converted into secret chambers where we used to keep our cheats and micro-xeroxes during our semester exams,and the backside of each latrine door were the index of chapters.The toilets were converted into books while semesters.Now that was engineering excellence.

I came back.The conference was about to start,but the room looked entirely different.There were some unknown faces in the room and luckily they dint belong to our boys community.My scanner generated a quick review report.

The door opened,and somebody switched the mute button on.


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