Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TCS 2011 Batch Joining Dates

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The candidates of 2011 batch have started getting their joining dates after waiting for some time. It’s really a time to enjoy for them now that the prestigious organization of their dreams have started providing them the joining dates. The candidates are maintaining a spreadsheet as found in several social networking sites. I am providing it here hoping you might find it useful.

The atmosphere is certainly positive that people have started receiving their joining dates much before their previous batches of 2009 batch and 2010 batch apparently. It will only istockphoto_13474025-excited-girl-on-laptopbe a matter of time before they get their joining dates. The joining date prediction tool have already helped thousands and is sure to give quite an idea about the probable joining date after getting which candidates may also feel like predicting their ILP score here.
It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the process to complete. Provided the global scenario and other factors right now, the current situation couldn't be better. It will be up to the candidates how well they utilize the time after the joining during the training to prepare themselves for the challenge in this big corporate world. Lots of hot discussions are going on now in several online communities regarding the joining process and what will happen after that. The mood surely is optimistic.

Update of Joining Dates (This document below is owned and updated by members from the TCS 2011 batch where over 450 TCS candidates regularly share the updates of various colleges across India, just thought sharing it here would be useful to everyone. For complaints click here.):

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  1. Hello sir.. Tis s Rathna.. I got selected in TCS via Offcampus Conducted by Anna univ, coimbatore on 17th mar.. Hav received the offer letter in may month.. When can i expect my Joining date.. Awaiting for ur reply sir..


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