Saturday, June 18, 2011

TCS accelerates hiring to 70,000 as demand goes boom!

TCS hired a staggering 70k people last fiscal and has plans to add some 60k more this year as the demand for the best in the field IT giant has sky rocketed over its fellow counterparts. With the joining of some of the colleges of 2011 batch declared, it is only a matter of time before they join their dream company (Get the joining dates of 2010 batch here, if you know a spreadsheet for 2011 batch, please submit it here).

For people who are waiting for their joining dates will find these prediction tools handy as did the previous batches. Things are only going to be brighter now as low-cost labor from a country like India is too much lucrative compared to the higher paid counterpart in the west. So it will be an interesting thing to watch what happens after 5-6 years when the market gets saturated and there is no place for any more engineers.

As of now, there is nothing to worry as such as even small companies are offering pretty decent packages even up to 4.5 lacs for someone experienced as little as 2 years. The market surely is a huge contrast to what was in line after the 2008-09 fiasco. If you are one of the candidates to have joined in recently, do not miss the opportunity to subscribe to this blog for further informative updates soon.


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