Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Users now realizing Facebook’s latest changes show they are wary of their competitor Google Plus

Facebook has recently made some pretty decent tweaks into their existing interface. All of them aims at the popular features which had been giving an edge to their closest rival Google Plus. These changes come at a time when people are in two-minds which platform to use. Facebook is trying it’s level best to provide it’s users with best in-class experience.

Some of the most noticeable changes are the privacy controls for each status update (a 99% copy of Google Plus), privacy settings for each of the account information that an user can have in his or her profile (100% inspired by Google Plus) and a nice tweak to the apparently horrible theater mode photo viewer. In the photo viewer, the previous and next arrow have been aesthetically placed with the ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ buttons finding a place a notch inside the photo thus saving some vital space below the pic.

It is obvious that Facebook users will be finding the changes very helpful and might just keep them a few days more from shifting to Google Plus. It will be a treat to watch what happens. Do you use Facebook or Google Plus more often? Are you planning to move to the other soon?

Monday, August 29, 2011

How is South Point going to change with the CBSE board being introduced

South Point will finally be allowing it’s students to opt for the CBSE board. The previous West Bengal board will also continue to be present along side. Needles to say, this top prestigious institution is headed towards a major infrastructural revamp following this change. The administration must be accomplishing awareness and training drives to prepare the existing faculties for the challenge. New faculties might also be included in the new system.

But like all new beginnings, there are risks, speculations and expectations associated with this move. The guardians of the students have already been doing the analysis with data and information from various as to what are the pros and cons of the system if their ward is to pursue under either of the boards, what might the future implications be like. There are several factors that come into play when one starts to think of this scenario.

Change of syllabus and pattern

The students who have so far been studying under the West Bengal board will suddenly be facing a new environment, where questions get objective instead of subjective, where clear concepts to solve unknown mathematics problems become more critical than solving some generalized huge problems, where techniques of studying will have to change from referring to limited number of books to a ocean of books. Choosing the right books will become crucial as CBSE being an all-India board will have a decent high number of options when it comes to books to choose from for every subject. It might not be that serious a issue because with the quality of faculty and guidance South Point possess, but the students will also have to be proactive to accustom themselves to this pattern.

Varying pressure and study load

The pressure of study will be one of the biggest change that students will experience. Minds will feel more free and less burdened. Rather than memorizing answers to questions 3-4 pages long, points and specific details will come to the forefront with higher priority. Needless to say, solving the question papers is going to form the integral part of the study plan of the students. I am not going into the study plan details now. But this less burden on the mind should not be interpreted at any cost that you can manage by studying less. On the contrary, you should be following a more strategic and systematic study plan. Smart-working students come off with far better performance than their hard-working counterparts with the same amount of effort.

All India Entrance Examinations Exposure

Most of the all India entrance examinations have their syllabus nearly same as the CBSE/ICSE syllabus unlike the West Bengal board which synchronizes only with the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination. So if you are opting for the CBSE board, you might just have the edge over your West Bengal board counterparts when it comes to the All India exams which opens you up to an array of institutes to pursue your higher studies across India. But it’s a win-win situation. Look at it this way, you have an edge on the All India exams which have much higher competition as it is on an all India basis, but your counterparts from West Bengal board have an edge on the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination which has much lesser competition compared to AIEEE and other national entrance exams. So this becomes a deciding factor.

What can you do

Have you already decided which board to opt for? Share your reasons by commenting below and help your friends. If you are a Pointer, click here and please share this post on your wall and with your friends. Are you still undecided? Just go through the comments below or ask a question here.

Update (10 hours later)

As far as I know, number of students selected for science will be 350 as it happens every year. But if the number of students opting for CBSE crosses 200, separate sections might be started, thereby taking the total count to 550.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Google Plus will be a Facebook and Orkut killer

People have never really sticked to one particular social networking site for a long time. Since Orkut started out way back in the 2000s, people flocked into it and it became a madness. There was nothing that could be compared to Orkut’s mad addiction to anything in the contemporary internet or physical world. Students and adults, geeks and normal people, everyone went on to live into it. It became a world of it’s own.

Along came Facebook. It had been there for quite sometime. But Indians took time to get to into it’s craze as they had already been into Orkut and Orkut too had been complacent and happy that people are using it. Slowly but steadily the new features of Facebook lured people away from Orkut. Many people who did not want to leave Orkut had to leave because many of their friends are no longer using it.

Along came Twitter, the birth of micro-blogging. Then as evolution being the trend, micro-blogging and sharing updates with superb privacy controls and some extravagant features lead to the birth of Google Plus. It will definitely be a extraordinary platform for quite some decades to come for sure.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hitler echoes Bengali’s sentiments on Paschimbanga

It has been an epic change to the state. The people of Bengal are totally against this as is evident by the campaigns and slogans going on across the social networking sites. In the midst of all this, let us take a moment out to see how Hitler perfectly echoes the Bengali sentiments.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

CAT 2011 Model Question Paper Download

New: All CAT Papers
The format of CAT 2011 has taken a complete makeover. So people preparing based on the old pattern need to rethink their strategy from the very basics. It will be nice to see what effect it has on the students because this change has been made to make the exam friendlier for the students based on their relative strengths. Click here to go to the download page. Students will now need to practice further based on the new format to skip that uneasy feeling on the D-day.

Friday, August 19, 2011

‘Only’ Bengal hit out of the park, Paschimbanga for a new name!?

All the frenzy regarding the flashy only Bengal campaign was hit by massive surprise as the name got changed to a very Bengali version of West Bengal, Paschimbanga Like many other Bengalis and citizens of the state, I am very unhappy with this change. Not only will this be poor substitute for the name ‘Bengal’, but it will also be difficult to pronounce for Indian non-Bengalis, leave alone foreigners. Also the purpose of it moving up the list in the names of states will get little boost by this.

Few sidewalk reasons why we should support Anna Hazare

Hazare says: Bring back the Black Money.
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I did my job for better India and a brighter tomorrow. Jai Hind.

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1.Select the above paragraph
2.Press CTRL+F
3.Press 9or6

Sunday, August 07, 2011

IT and ITIS: Head-on Comparison

IT and ITIS. The twins of the outsourcing world. One refers to Information Technology, the other IT Infrastructure Services. Most of us often get confused as to which is exactly what, which will propel our career to the highway of success faster. Coming to the basic facts, both have their very core base as information technology. That means the underlying technologies and skill-sets that are required for the functioning of both the systems are the very same. The only thing that will vary is the job role and the activities related to the particular role. The organization TCS has recently stepped into this ITIS territory and so TCS ITIS is a clear top notch player in this field now. 

Basic Difference

The core difference stems from the fact that ITIS is a service type job role, the other is a not so well-defined job role, i.e. IT will include virtually from anything starting from development to testing and might even have some of the related tasks in ITIS. Tasks in ITIS form a sub-set in IT in a way. Let’s say people who are in support activities at present in the IT field, you can well compare them to their corresponding counterpart in the ITIS field who are providing a similar application support. So it cannot be said that those who work in IT are straightaway in a better position.

The Technical Catch

The catch lies in the fact that even though they originate from the same base, their basic functionality largely differs. An ITIS profile in most of the cases will be service oriented. There will be systems that needs maintenance and support and hence superior quality ITIS teams will need to provide quality service to the vendor. Occasionally there might be full scale developments in case the vendor requests for something new. But in IT, it’s all too generic. It cannot be said that the works will be more on development, or more on testing or maintenance. It can be anything and everything depending upon the requirements of the client. Some people say that it varies a lot based on the particular city, but that seldom is the case. So as you can see, ITIS apparently though might seem to be a smaller subset of service work of IT, is not the actual case. It’s in fact a modified version of the maintenance and service tasks of the IT with it’s own blend and flavor. It is not non-technical support activities of IT in a new form at all.

Beginning Your Career In ITIS

Like any new field, ITIS also had it’s own set of uncertainties among the minds of the people who got selected for it. There have had been no precedence which they could gather from their seniors who have worked in this field. But it was a position you could not refuse since it came from the biggest organizations in the world with some of the finest packages.

But I do not see any cause for concern as this field will offer you immense opportunities to learn starting from Java to Cloud Computing. It will never disappoint one with the urge to learn and grow. You can start right now with some books and be assured that your study will not go in vain. You can always come back to core IT companies after spending some time in your ITIS role. So put that smile back on your face.

The Final Verdict

ITIS is a new venture in the world of outsourcing by new companies. It is destined to grow beyond it’s visible opportunities. There will be growing demand for skilled technical people in this sector. It will be always different from core IT in the ways that I have mentioned above, but it will never be far from it. Do you have any opinion or doubt that you want to ask? Feel free to comment below.