Friday, August 19, 2011

Infosys criteria for placement for 2012 batch

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The season for campussing and placement for 2012 batch graduates has started to come in the air. It is still quite sometime, but not too early to start preparing. So for many aspirants across the country, it is an anxious wait until they bag their dream job. The current recruitment system for Infosys has quite a few number of rules that are followed besides the traditional technical and HR interview. To start with some study materials, click here.

The eligibility criteria, like most other companies, starts with a cut-off of a 60% on aggregate throughout. That means 60% in class 10 examination, 60% in class 12 examination, and 60% in your graduation degree (in some universities you need to score 6.75 out of 10 to remark it as 60%). Then there are the occasional puzzles and aptitude tests to practice which the best book to buy would definitely be this one. Then there are the puzzle books by Shakuntala Devi. The first part and second part are pretty decent enough for such recruitment drives.

Some of the subjects that needs to be taken care of before you want to appear for the interview process are as follows (important relevant books to study and links have been provided):
1. Database Management: Book by Korth
2. Java Programming: Book by Schildt
3. Networking: Book by Forouzan
4. C Programming: Book by Kanetkar
5. Oracle SQL: Book by Bayross


But there had been a lot of discussions going on in various social networking sites regarding some of the processes undertaken. I would like to highlight some of these here. All the information has been found publicly in the web across more than one site. These in no way are intended to malign the image of anyone, but might just be some personal grievances or situations faced by certain individuals. But nevertheless, they form the part of the recruitment process. Here they go. 


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