Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Infosys to hire an amazing 25,000 in Hyderabad, the race for SEZ begins

The competition is back. After TCS’s stellar performance, Infosys now has announced a new branch in Hyderabad and is going to hire a staggering 25,000 candidates for their new centre in two phases. Phase 1 will comprise of 14,000 recruitments and phase 2 which will include the remaining 11,000 positions.

Infosys has also announced that the revenue for their exports from the Hyderabad center will be close to the 1 billion dollar mark. Now it gets pretty close to competitions with most of the big IT players including Microsoft located there. Now if we take a closer look at the location where this SEZ is located, it appears just beside the Warangal highway. I doubt if people would be able to safely travel from residential areas to this place. Highways such as these are genrally prone to high speed traffic and might surely be a bit of concern for the safety of the people. Not to mention the issues of safety when associates will have to travel home alone. But the game has changed, SEZ is a great gift by any state to any organization, if farmers are not protesting that is.

The exact location of the new facility by Hyderabad might be a little clear from the graphic below. It shows the highway stretching right across the heart of Hyderabad. It will be nice to hear from people working in this new branch of Infosys.


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