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IT and ITIS: Head-on Comparison

IT and ITIS. The twins of the outsourcing world. One refers to Information Technology, the other IT Infrastructure Services. Most of us often get confused as to which is exactly what, which will propel our career to the highway of success faster. Coming to the basic facts, both have their very core base as information technology. That means the underlying technologies and skill-sets that are required for the functioning of both the systems are the very same. The only thing that will vary is the job role and the activities related to the particular role. The organization TCS has recently stepped into this ITIS territory and so TCS ITIS is a clear top notch player in this field now. 

Basic Difference

The core difference stems from the fact that ITIS is a service type job role, the other is a not so well-defined job role, i.e. IT will include virtually from anything starting from development to testing and might even have some of the related tasks in ITIS. Tasks in ITIS form a sub-set in IT in a way. Let’s say people who are in support activities at present in the IT field, you can well compare them to their corresponding counterpart in the ITIS field who are providing a similar application support. So it cannot be said that those who work in IT are straightaway in a better position.

The Technical Catch

The catch lies in the fact that even though they originate from the same base, their basic functionality largely differs. An ITIS profile in most of the cases will be service oriented. There will be systems that needs maintenance and support and hence superior quality ITIS teams will need to provide quality service to the vendor. Occasionally there might be full scale developments in case the vendor requests for something new. But in IT, it’s all too generic. It cannot be said that the works will be more on development, or more on testing or maintenance. It can be anything and everything depending upon the requirements of the client. Some people say that it varies a lot based on the particular city, but that seldom is the case. So as you can see, ITIS apparently though might seem to be a smaller subset of service work of IT, is not the actual case. It’s in fact a modified version of the maintenance and service tasks of the IT with it’s own blend and flavor. It is not non-technical support activities of IT in a new form at all.

Beginning Your Career In ITIS

Like any new field, ITIS also had it’s own set of uncertainties among the minds of the people who got selected for it. There have had been no precedence which they could gather from their seniors who have worked in this field. But it was a position you could not refuse since it came from the biggest organizations in the world with some of the finest packages.

But I do not see any cause for concern as this field will offer you immense opportunities to learn starting from Java to Cloud Computing. It will never disappoint one with the urge to learn and grow. You can start right now with some books and be assured that your study will not go in vain. You can always come back to core IT companies after spending some time in your ITIS role. So put that smile back on your face.

The Final Verdict

ITIS is a new venture in the world of outsourcing by new companies. It is destined to grow beyond it’s visible opportunities. There will be growing demand for skilled technical people in this sector. It will be always different from core IT in the ways that I have mentioned above, but it will never be far from it. Do you have any opinion or doubt that you want to ask? Feel free to comment below.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for this post !!

    It was mentioned that "It is not non-technical support activities of IT in a new form at all. "

    How to take this ??

    Do this mean that ITIS is a technical support job(installing softwares and many applications in system)...

    Expected a note about the educational qualification for ITIS...

    Only engineering students are recruited or science graduates are also recruited for ITIS ??

  2. Hi Sara,
    The quoted words is intended to clear the general misconception many people have regarding the job role in ITIS.
    As you might have already learned from this post, skillsets and activities of an ITIS pro is a lot similar to an IT pro.

    Regarding educational qualification, people from any background might be recruited based on the requirement. If you look around you, hard-core coders can come even from science graduates.

  3. thats a very nice work indeed .. but before ILP what courses r required for us ,, basically i'm in IT IS so what subjects i need to concentrate .. plz guide me

  4. Thanx a lot sir for this post . I am actually more concerned with the growth pattern and onsite chances . Plz help me out .

  5. Hi rahul,
    Thanks a lot for the post. I'm a 2012-passout engineer. I've been placed in TCS IT IS sector. As per norms, I'm slated to be posted by july or august.So, Id like to know if this is better than the IT services sector. Also, I would like to know if there are any basic level books or courses I can do so that I'm better equipped for IT IS when I'm called up for the job.Thanks !

  6. What are the chances for going overseas...and what is the pay scale??which the best option to chose in ITIS?
    i have been selected in tcs itis..should i continue with the offer or look for another company?

  7. I have done B.Tech in computer science and got selected in TCS for ITIS profile. I dont know about the nature of work in ITIS , basically i'm in IT IS so what subjects i need to concentrate . I want to know the growth rate in ITIS slower than in development and once I join the company do I have any chance to change my profile to it development during the training period. Please help.....?


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