Monday, August 29, 2011

How is Cognizant racing to the top?

The growth of Cognizant have been absolutely fabulous over the past few years. Being coined as the fastest growing IT company for some years now, it has lived up to it’s reputation and have managed to acquire an envious position of late. Now it is the only company which can remove Infosys from it’s number 2 position and take a pride place just after the number 1 TCS.

There has been quite a few factors recently, the demand for outsourcing going through some hiccups, the visa issues, but all this doesn’t seems to have taken a hit at Cognizant. Is it their perfect working model. Is it their profitability policy? In uncertain times such as today, to post regularly incremental figures and literally racing to the top is not just a one-off phenomenon.

Larger peers around the organization in the ranking list might just take a closer look and make an analysis on this. It is always good to see someone making a good run successfully amidst the volatile environment when nothing seems to be certain around us. Do you have any idea how Cognizant has been managing to achieve this feat? Feel free to comment below.


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