Saturday, September 03, 2011

Is TCS the corporate version of the Argentina Soccer Team?

There are certain striking similarities between geniuses and champions across different domains. Such are the characteristics and traits that it often becomes a trademark and the pre-requisites of becoming like one of them. Let’s take for example one of the top football team in the world, Argentina. I am not choosing Brazil, England, or Germany, for specific reasons which I will come up with later.

Talent is the base, bench strength superb

The basic skill level of all the players is undoubtedly a class apart than many other countries players. They all have that subtle level of finesse common all across their DNA. Similarly if we come to the biggest organization in the IT sector, TCS associates all have to pass through a standard level of hurdle that sets them all equal to or above a benchmark. Hence the quality of performance across projects may vary but never too much, just as the Argentine team may face hiccups of form, but never class.

Ready for any challenge

Surprising it may sound, but bench strength of Argentina is one of the most enviable in the world and is capable of beating many of the top teams in the world. Most champions in team works need to have this kind of mixture where they can fall back upon in times of need. TCS as an organization had several policies under it’s hat during times of recession that let it sail through smoothly across the tumultuous waters.

There will be some more comparisons coming up soon across organizations with special attachments to soccer teams. Do you feel you can show one more aspect between the Argentine team and the organizations? Share your thought below.


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