Sunday, September 18, 2011

TCS study guide before joining date

The time has finally come to prepare yourself to be a part of this top organization. You definitely need to raise your level more than before to sail in smoothly over the few months after you join. Though there’s not much of a difference on the technical aspects that you had been studying during your campussing (programming languages, coding, networking, database management systems, etc), but still, you need to link them to your tasks at hand. And that involves a bit of exposure which had not been present before.

The exposure thing will happen naturally with time. But what you can focus in right now is familiarizing yourself with what exactly can be taught during your training. Click here to download the materials. If you are comfortable in programming, then it will be easier for you. But even if you are not, simply go through the docs and before you realize you will be a lot comfortable in handling codes than before. This is the finest collection of materials and will ensure you go through your training process seamlessly.


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