Sunday, October 09, 2011

Aakash Tablet vs Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Reliance 3G Tab vs Apple iPad - Tech Spec Comparison

The recently launched Aakash tablet for only 35$ is the most cherished product for people who are finding it difficult to get their hands on the other tablets which cost well above 200$. More than bridging the gap, it is literally meant for the masses for anyone who can afford a mobile phone. The comparison of Aakash with it’s heavy weight counterparts is a long awaited one. Here it goes below. Join the Aakash Facebook Fan page here for updates.
india's tablet aakash

This phone is surely a terrific buy for budget buyers. For this low price of Rs.3000 (inclusive of warranty and taxes), it will surely be a big hit. You can book one for your dad, one for your mom, one for brother right now here.

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  1. Very nice post with..Its clear to understand. thanks for sharing..
    One que>> Where I'll get Aakash Tablet. I keen interested abt it.


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