Friday, October 07, 2011

Cognizant campussing and placement - Crack it

Cognizant is one of the fastest growing organizations at the moment in the IT industry. As per recent quarter results and analytical reports, it might soon topple Infosys at the number two position. There’s a few hurdles before you can find a place in this organization.

The interview process during placement and campussing of Cognizant is pretty decent enough. First you will be called in for the Aptitude round. Do remember to focus on your mathematics and reasoning skills above anything else. You might want to solve previous years papers by Cognizant, but remember to revise your basics and be in your top form as you appear for the aptitude test. You cannot be sure where the questions would be coming from but if you have your core fundamentals on mathematics and basic reasoning (which will never come without practice) right in place, you can be confident of giving a tough competition to your peers. Start with the best book and for further enriching yourself try this book.

The interview process comes next if you successfully cross the aptitude round. Though it is often called the technical+HR round, but believe me, it’s much more of a technical than you can ever imagine. Even if there are HR questions, it will not wipe you off your feet. But yes, you need to pass the minimum requirements for the HR round to be eligible for selection. Start by revising your core subjects, and focus primarily on your second year subjects before you start studying. This I am saying for a specific reason. If you are an experienced professional, then you can stress less upon your college books and focus more on the technology you expertise in, be it Oracle Apps, Loadrunner, OBIEE, Informatica, Java, etc. If you want to know which book to study on for any particular subject, just ask me.


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