Thursday, December 01, 2011

Test your Technical Skills for the Corporate World

It is always easy to get hold of numerous study materials for your placement and campus, but the tough part is where you can assess yourself for the real battle by giving tests and exams that has questions live from the battle field. Here are some small tests designed for serious candidates that has simulated questions which are exactly like what you might be asked in the interviews. These questions are frequently revised on a monthly basis, so you might want to check back often and give the test to hone your skills as many times you want. I will keep adding more topics here as the season progresses.

1. Test your Database Management System Skills v1.1

2. Test your SQL and PLSQL Skills (coming soon)

For the Exam Password, send me a mail by clicking here and I will send you the password.


Why you should take the tests?

The questions in the exams test the knowledge of the candidate similar to what some of the top organizations in the world look for. With years of exposure to the industry, it has come to the forefront that only random tests cannot test the conceptual and logical knowledge and understanding of the candidate that might later prove to be fatal. The candidate might set unfair expectations to the employer or might get unduly rejected at the time of interview or placement procedures. So it is fair to get a grasp on the topics as best as the candidate can to accustom to the trends of the work and expectations in the corporate world. Hence the exams here will try to give a fair hold of the topics that needs to be covered. It is well suited for aspiring professionals as well as experienced professionals.


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