Friday, January 13, 2012

What will be your hike on FY12 completion?

The current volatility of the market has made quite a foreheads ache during strategy planning across all sectors.

But however, salary hikes are pretty optimistic across most sectors, with the predicted hikes varying between 10-14%.

The IT sector might see a 14% salary increment, followed by 13 % in healthcare sector, 12% in retail and 11% in engineering and manufacturing. But despite this assuring figures, most managements and CEOs are extremely cautious and calculating to stay prepared for any unforeseen scenarios. The wage hikes at the end of FY12 can thus be scrutinized further and figures might vary a little.

For example, TCS has been taking each step very carefully and when about 1/3rd of its revenue is spent on employee costs, it’s really something to watch out for before giving stupendous hikes. So although, hiring would continue as planned, TCS wage hikes might not be that exciting on FY12 end.


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