Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flickr photo upload feature just took a huge leap forward with awesome HTML5 interface

Flickr is sitting on top of the photo sharing world for over quite a few years now. As it watches from the top, people have been trying to jump and reach them ever since, but failed to topple them. Unlike many services that become complacent, Flickr, with it’s fresh employee infrastructure and management is moving further high. So much so that, it will become impossible for others to even think of reaching them.

Flickr launched it’s mind-blowing interface to upload photos recently. It goes as far as beating it’s desktop uploader hands down. With the tremendous simplicity embedded into it, and the options for editing various attributes of the photos before uploading makes it so much dearer to the heart. No doubt why camera enthusiasts and professional photographers will stick to Flickr for a long time now.


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