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Mamata Banerjee interview in CNN IBN a total mess due to CNN IBN’s traditional biased approach

The show ‘Question Time Didi’ which was so much hyped about due to the walk out by CM Mamata Banerjee had been grossly misinterpreted by most sections of newspapers and media. The channel CNN IBN, known for it’s biased approach towards Kolkata and Bengalis, had the complete set-up to annoy the CM to the limits. Read on to find out why.

In a set-up like this, the atmosphere should have the perfect spirit of harmony, where people are willing to accept other’s points of views. Questions like whether you are given due credit for your achievements are fine. But people should learn to go soft on sensitive areas where they know it had hurt before. People should frame their questions intelligently, so as to disguise it amongst pleasant facts. Why was the issue of freedom of expression being repeatedly asked by different persons in different ways? If you have questions and topics at hand, then why not move on instead of waiting for the other person to react! What was most surprising was that in the 10th minute 16th second Sagarika tried to bring out from Mamata’s mouth that she was giving out the message of ‘intolerance and dissent’! If the show is on ‘Question Time’ then why not also ask about the exceptional progressive policies and ideologies CM Mamata has taken up for the state. What is most hilarious is that someone says she came back to the state after 20 years to serve the common people, but she has decided to go back after observing for 1 year. Is she completely out of her minds?? Can the mismanagement of 34 years be removed over an year? And what an aggressive pessimistic bunch of audience, Kolkattans are really amused at what CNN IBN is doing show after show with Kolkata!

India has very few ministers like her to boast about. True she sometimes comes out with sentences we feel would have been better had she not said, but such small matters happen when your head is crowded with ambitions sky-high and you are surrounded with petty politicians and nagging media channels who constantly keep on defaming you. Moreover, every condition and crime in the state today is being blamed upon her. What an age and mental condition have citizens and media come to! Infant deaths, water logging, farmers suicide, things which probably happen more than Kolkata in the most developed cities in the world are being hyped with no basis. Have these things started happening suddenly since May 20th 2011? Was everything hunky dory prior to that?

Mamata Banerjee does the absolutely right thing, ignore them totally and throw away such provoking and negative topics down the drain. When you are asking questions to the leader of the state, it’s best to leave it open-ended, and not question in a way where the answer is implied. Phrases like “Don’t you think…” are like asking on petty issues to just anyone around you. When you are aware, that this situation has created a furor previously, why not the students frame the same question in a better way! Rather than taking the names of specific politicians and expecting the CM to bow down and admit guilt is the most stupid way I can think of asking. Add to it the elderly people barring Suvaprasanna, Amit Mitra and some others, CNN IBN surprisingly had yet again set up a killer interview set-up, deliberately organized with pre-determined one-sided questions to say the least,  to malign the image of Kolkata and Bengalis at large. I really would have wanted to watch CNN IBN but have shifted to TIMES NOW recently. At least TIMES NOW is not biased against a state and community.

CNN IBN was not in a state to acknowledge the achievements of Mamata Banerjee at the very least I believe. Today only when I was watching this channel, the first thing they started saying on the topic of ‘Mamata’s 1 year completion’ was the plight of a farmer in Singur. How this poor farmer had been living his life since he lost his land. The reporter was someone called Sougata Mukhopadhyay, I mean, come on!! There is a limit to this isn’t it? You mean to say this is what represents all the efforts of the Mamata Banerjee government over the last year? What really really surprising is how a national TV Channel can be so much biased towards a particular community and state! True, the facts you are stating, but where is the other side of the coin? CNN IBN, I believe you are going to see an increased viewership in Kolkata pretty soon, the figures might just match with that of a local opposition party CPM channel called 24 Ghanta.

Mamata Banerjee is the only leader to have ousted the hugely powerful CPI(M) with her lone struggle. Coming out from grassroots, without having any political past, it’s a Herculean feat! Indira Gandhi had Jawaharlal Nehru, Sonia Gandhi had Rajiv Gandhi, but Mamata Banerjee had no one with her. West Bengal is the most happening place to be right now. Old age mentalities and fixed mindsets will no doubt take time to change. But in the run, people and even channels like CNN IBN will realize what they are doing is poor journalism. Mamata Banerjee’s walking out of CNN IBN show is thus absolutely justified. I believe this is just the right kind of treatment this show deserved with such fixed mindset and pre-determined notions.

Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, a small message to you and all other editors, if you are not at fault, then team who is providing you with information is surely not providing you with the correct data for Kolkata at large. If you have correspondents in Kolkata, please ensure they are capable enough to get the vibes of the local people and not follow some pre-conceived notions before anchoring and reporting.

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  1. "Media are newest despots after government and police"-Baudelaire
    She may be intolerant, insensitive and other forms of parliamentary abuse. She may not speak fluent English dotted with archaic terms, cold sarcasm and borrowed accent. She may be so technologically advanced to understand that it is unusual(euphemism for 'criminal')for a TEACHER to post slangy cartoons on the social network just for fun (and since he has a liberty to do so). She may not realize that a woman to party in night clubs and 'carouse till the second cock and drink' is not necessarily dubious. She can easily be tangled in the complex war of words with so-called cream students of the so-called cream universities of Kolkata. But what they cannot, she can. A bunch of intelligent students can only comment from outside and question, they cannot have the mass-connect in a state that has uneducated, starving majority which has just ousted a non-functioning ideology-shrieking party. So, buckle up where you are: the AC newsrooms and the Brigade ground are 2 different ends of the cosmos.


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