Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dropbox seems to be waiting to raise a hurricane

There was a time when file storing in the cloud was almost synonymous to Dropbox. Provided it’s amazingly simple plans with storage, there is absolutely no doubt user’s are going to love it. Along with it, add the seamless sync facility for all our files from your local computer or laptop, without a single glitch. But provided all that, Dropbox seems to be letting it’s competitors get the edge recently.

With SkyDrive and Google Drive taking by storm over the last few months, and along with incredible pricing offers that set the pace for the cloud sector, Dropbox seems to be a mute spectator with its plans which cost over 4 times than it’s nearest competitors. SO unless Dropbox is working secretly on some serious upgrade, they are just aiming to lose the market share.

But provided Dropbox’s record, I firmly believe there is going to be some sort of improvement over it in the very near future. Because organizations that become so much a household name will always stand up to a level of quality that has set it apart from the rest over such a long period of time.


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