Monday, August 20, 2012

Will the new Outlook be a dark horse?

The new version of Microsoft's new mailing service, Outlook, has taken the internet world by storm. And should it not! It’s the first ever big boost Microsoft has given to one of it’s platforms in over the last 4-5 years, apart from it’s Windows operating systems obviously. The interface just looks amazing, it feels like it wants to blend with all the services you use, without trying to push you much to use the Live services.

The mail service, termed as emailing technology of the future, surely has got some brains put behind it’s development team. It’s just not another mailing platform with a new name. If you haven’t discovered yet, it’s time to really try it out.

What’s little discovered though, you can rename your email id and get some new ones easily (eg. The best part? Right now you can even get your name while renaming the id, since it’s new to the users and many haven’t discovered this feature yet.

However, it’s not likely to pose any serious threat to Google or for that matter, even Yahoo. Because Microsoft has been known to start flashy and big a number of times but stumble when it comes to the big matches. So it will be really interesting to look how Google and the other giants take this challenge head-on, which they will surely! In the mean time, am happy to say that I just bought a Google Drive storage of 100GB and happily enjoying my files sync :)


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