Saturday, October 06, 2012

CloudMagic – Search all your accounts in the internet

An amazing website that the cloud over the internet had so far been missing, had gradually come into existence. With CloudMagic, you can virtually search any information that you have for your accounts over any of the social websites.

Just visit CloudMagic and then login or add the extension to your Chrome browser and enjoy.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Skydrive with a refreshed interface, ready for Dropbox and Google Drive

Skydrive has recently updated it’s interface with a soothing breezy version which resembles, it’s mailing portal which has also been revamped off late. It will be really interesting to watch out to see if long standing users of Skydrive who were really turned off by Skydrive suddenly reducing the storage from 25GB to 7GB sticks with it even after these changes.

Google Drive currently being the best player in this field, it’s looking tough for Skydrive to even pose a challenge this time around. Another lost product, Microsoft.