Tuesday, March 26, 2013

JustCloud eating up innocent users

JustCloud is not as good as it seems! As a victim of JustCloud's glamorous presentation and advertisement of services, it is now crystal clear they are here in the market to make money. And they are doing it very very intelligently. Read on to see how.

Firstly, they lure you with the lowest rates one can possibly afford. They offer you upto 70% discounts. I felt something fishy initially, but the fishy thing went way with their way-too-nice customer support. Sure, they knew what they were doing.

Secondly, they do not give you more than half of the features. They keep it reserved and burn a hole in your pocket everytime you wish to have a feature. Since you have already signed up in the first place, you have no alternative but to accept their terms. This I found really really disturbing.

Lastly, they don't refund as you feel they would!! Yes!! After I spent 84 USD setting up my JustCloud account with the add-on features, when I requested a refund, they paid me back only 14.95 USD !! Yes, I was wrong. I did not read their terms of service carefully where they mentioned they will not refund. But that was not enough to make me happier.

Sorry JustCloud. I don’t think you are going for a healthy competition here. I will stick to CrashPlan now.

JustCloud’s user interface and app is hard to beat

JustCloud has come up in the race of cloud computing from behind as is fast catching up. It is going to beat Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Skydrive, Carbonite, Mozy and CrashPlan by leaps and bounds. You get all the stats you need at one glance in a pleasing interface. Not that other service providers do not provide you with these stats. But the ability to apprehend that a user will want one the info together and thus putting up a dashboard to provide all the details by JustCloud is truly commendable.
Below is a screenshot of what a JustCloud user dashboard looks like as of today.
Image result for justcloud dashboard

Friday, March 22, 2013

CrashPlan – Difference between ‘Friends’ and ‘Computers’

In case you have always wanted to use the ‘Friends’ feature on Crashplan but ended up finding your friends computers in the ‘Computers' tab as shown here, here is just ca catch that even CrashPlan do not explain in their sites. I guess they find it pretty obvious and hence didn’t find it worthy to mention. But for newbies, it might seems tricky.
If you sign in using your own CrashPlan account in your other computers, it will show in the tab ‘Computers’ as CrashPlan will identify them as your own laptops and PCs. To view your other computers in the ‘Friends’ tab where you can set the ‘Storage Quota’ and other features, you will need to sign in to those other computers using separate CrashPlan accounts. For any further doubts, feel free to contact me. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CrashPlan Backup Sets is an interesting feature

CrashPlan provides you with a flexibility in terms of backing up your selections. Most service providers only allow you to select what you want to backup at one go, then it backs up all together. But Crashplan offers a standard amount of priority which you can set amongst all your backup folders. This is a feature which is not present in any other backup application software.
For example you have two folders folder A and folder B to backup. And you want B to be backed up only when A is backed up every time because A contains the most important documents and needs to be backed up always. So you can just create a separate backup set for folder A and assign it a higher priority than B. That's it. As you can see below, I have scheduled the desktops of my PC to be backed up always. Then files from my Dropbox will be backed up to provide an additional security as all my vital docs are in Dropbox and Skydrive. Then my photos and videos from my external hard disk will be backed up.
imageIf that is not enough, you have the additional flexibility to set the configuration for each of your backup sets. For example, you want your desktops to be backed up only during the day time and the photos and videos during night time, you can easily set the settings to do just that. For that particular set, you can also set how many number of versions of your files you want to have. Of course, for your important files, you will always want to have more number of versions, than, say, your photos and videos which might change seldom. You can also set the number of places where you want to backup. For example below you can see I backup to CrashPlan’s cloud and another laptop, for the others you can also add just to another PC or laptop. As I have already imagementioned in my previous posts, with CrashPlan, you can continue to use it even without using CrashPlan’s cloud, you can backup to your friend’s using it.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Why Crashplan might survive the initial storm

Crashplan has all the reasons to die and move out of the cloud industry. But it has some unique features which might just help it to survive for longer than expected. The following are the features that will help Crashplan survive:

1. Excellent Technical Team – The brains behind this tool are great. They have very well thought out what might happen in literally every possible scenario. A glimpse at their FAQ section will confirm this.

2. Backup to friend feature – Crashplan offers a feature which no other provider does. You can backup to your friends computers using Crashplan instead of the Crashplan servers. Of course, the data will be encrypted and your friends cannot see your data. This feature will see lots of computers having Crashplan installed but without paying fees, because they are just backing up to their friends for free!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

JustCloud backup speed is faster than Crashplan

I have an avid user of both the backup services till now. And to compare the features of both the services is extremely easy for me. The backup speed of JustCloud deserves mention here. Using the Amazon servers didn’t appear to impress me to start with. Nowadays almost all the servers are at par with each other, unless they are extraordinary in some sense. But using JustCloud gave me a fascination experience.


I had 130 GB of photos and videos in my Transcend 1 TB to backup. Crashplan kept on doing it for the first 30 days and managed 30 GB. Using my same internet connection, JustCloud reached 30 GB in just 14 days. Surprised? Oh yeah, am surprised too! I am right now happy that I subscribed for Crashplan for just 1 month and not more. This upload speed of JustCloud was enough to push me to buy a 1 year subscription to secure my treasured memories! But in terms of sync space, Dropbox still rules!!

Friday, March 08, 2013

Cloud backup vs External hard drives backup - Both are crap!

There is the never ending debate which type of backup you should use. The issue is, whichever way you do, you end up losing your data if it’s stolen or compromised in the online servers. The only option that I personally suggest is use an encryption software, that you will use it to store in your external hard drives and store it in your grandmother’s or close relative’s place. So even if somebody over there lays hands on your data they cannot access it without your passwords stored in your brain.

While choosing cloud backup also, ensure the quality of encryption facility they provide, so that even if the company has a security breach, your data is safe. When you have both these features, you can peacefully say, your data is backed up.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

JustCloud vs Crashplan - Detailed Comparison

Both JustCloud and Crashplan are competing for the market share of the best backup services. But to start with the comparison features, it must be clear what type of a user you are. If you are a tech savvy user, go for Crashplan. Else go for JustCloud.

With it’s easy to use interface and awesome support services, JustCloud steals the deal. But JustCloud has some catches which will later be revealed once you become a paid user which you will find in my previous articles where I have detailed the catches. All in all, go for Crashplan if you are comfortable with the technical nitty gritties.