Tuesday, March 12, 2013

JustCloud backup speed is faster than Crashplan

I have an avid user of both the backup services till now. And to compare the features of both the services is extremely easy for me. The backup speed of JustCloud deserves mention here. Using the Amazon servers didn’t appear to impress me to start with. Nowadays almost all the servers are at par with each other, unless they are extraordinary in some sense. But using JustCloud gave me a fascination experience.


I had 130 GB of photos and videos in my Transcend 1 TB to backup. Crashplan kept on doing it for the first 30 days and managed 30 GB. Using my same internet connection, JustCloud reached 30 GB in just 14 days. Surprised? Oh yeah, am surprised too! I am right now happy that I subscribed for Crashplan for just 1 month and not more. This upload speed of JustCloud was enough to push me to buy a 1 year subscription to secure my treasured memories! But in terms of sync space, Dropbox still rules!!


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