Tuesday, March 26, 2013

JustCloud eating up innocent users

JustCloud is not as good as it seems! As a victim of JustCloud's glamorous presentation and advertisement of services, it is now crystal clear they are here in the market to make money. And they are doing it very very intelligently. Read on to see how.

Firstly, they lure you with the lowest rates one can possibly afford. They offer you upto 70% discounts. I felt something fishy initially, but the fishy thing went way with their way-too-nice customer support. Sure, they knew what they were doing.

Secondly, they do not give you more than half of the features. They keep it reserved and burn a hole in your pocket everytime you wish to have a feature. Since you have already signed up in the first place, you have no alternative but to accept their terms. This I found really really disturbing.

Lastly, they don't refund as you feel they would!! Yes!! After I spent 84 USD setting up my JustCloud account with the add-on features, when I requested a refund, they paid me back only 14.95 USD !! Yes, I was wrong. I did not read their terms of service carefully where they mentioned they will not refund. But that was not enough to make me happier.

Sorry JustCloud. I don’t think you are going for a healthy competition here. I will stick to CrashPlan now.


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