Wednesday, September 14, 2016

DRM Internal Server Error

Oracle Data Relationship Management is a highly robust tool by Oracle with a 99.99% of uptime month over month and a largely satisfied user base. However, every few months we are expected to encounter some issues which can be defined as minor hiccups, nothing major. But it's good to have a knowledge base of quickly resolving such issues. Here's the details of one I dread the most and how to fix it.

After logging into DRM and selecting the Application, when I click Login, I get the below error message in Internet Explorer 8:
     "The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred."
Everything looked fine, all services are up, restarting the application from DRM Configuration Console did not help.

  1. Follow the below steps as mentioned:
  2. Go to DRM Configuration Console -> Click on Stop Services
  3. Go to Oracle EPM System -> epmsystem1 -> Foundation Services -> Click on Stop EPM System
  4. Go to Oracle EPM System -> epmsystem1 -> Foundation Services -> Click on Start EPM System
  5. Go to Configuration Console -> Click on Start Services
  6. Try to login to DRM as usual, it should work fine
If this did not resolve your issue, there's another possible scenario here.


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